Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Week 1 Day 2

Activity 1
2 similarities between my house and a Wharepuni

  1.  They cook and we cook in our house.
  2. We sleep in our house and they sleep in theirs.
2 differences between my house and a Wharepuni
  1. They don't have an oven, bathroom, fridge or couches like we do.
  2. Our house doesn't have Maori patterns on the side.

Activity 2

Bonus Activity


  1. Hi Grace!

    Great job with posting up your Day 2 activities...just letting you know that I have sent through a request to see your dream job and favourite meal on your google drive!
    These are some really great similarities and differences you have found...Do the houses and wharepuni also look similar or different on the outside?
    I really like the Maori carvings on the Wharepuni, I think it would be great to have these on our houses now! What do you think?

    Hope I'll get to check out what you've done for your other activities soon! Keep up the great work Grace!

    Ellee :)

  2. Hi Grace!

    Ruby here from the Summer Learning Journey team! :)
    I have also requested access to your activity 2 and 3 posts. It would be great to see what you have been up to!


  3. Hi Grace!

    Hope you had an awesome Christmas and New Years!
    Thanks so much for letting me have a look at what you have done on your drive!
    A teacher is a great job to pick, its such an important one!
    I like your classroom: what would the inside look like? Would you have anything special in there if you could design your dream classroom?

    I also love the sound of wraps, what a great favourite food to pick. I like that each time you have a wrap you can choose whatever you want to put inside ...I like variety! :)
    Mmmmm the thought of a chicken wrap is making me hungry! Hopefully you've been able to have heaps of wraps these summer holidays!

    Keep up the awesome work,
    Ellee :)


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