Monday, 18 December 2017

Maui and the Giant Fish

Day 1, Activity 1
3 facts about Maui
1. Maui always dreamed about going fishing with his brothers
2. Maui had an ancestor called Murirangawhenua who gave him a jaw bone.
3. Murirangawhenu said he would be a good fisherman.

Other stories I've heard about Maui: How Maui caught the sun

Activity 2
Letter to a friend

Dear Poppy
I have been in America and I am traveling to New Zealand on a Waka.  There is no room for me to lye down and sleep so I have to sleep on top of the seats.  It is not comfy because it is made out of wood.  To get water, it has to rain, and I open my mouth and look up at the sky for the rain to fall into my mouth.
I eat fish out of the ocean that we all catch.  Because it is so hot, the fish cooks under the sun.  I can't wait to eat proper food!

There are lots of white caps out here which makes the boat really shaky and lots of people are getting seasick.  I am excited to place my feet on the ground of New Zealand and looking forward to seeing family, houses, food, and water.  

From Grace

Bonus activity:
No, I wouldn't like to be in a Waka Ama race because it would be hard arm work for one arm, and to change to the other one it might slow you down.  You also have to go a long way!


  1. Hi Grace,

    My name's Ruby and I'm one of the people who will be blogging with you over the summer. I'm really excited to read what you have to say on your blog.

    Activity 1: Those are good facts about Maui. I like how you have told us the name of Maui's ancestor, that is a great detail. It's good to hear that you have heard about 'How Maui Caught the Sun', I think that is a great story. Do you have a favourite out of these two stories?

    Activity 2: This is a really great letter. Well done. It is easy to imagine what is happening which I liked very much. I also like what you said about drinking water from the sky.
    I wonder, have you ever been on a ship before? I have but I get very sea sick!

    Bonus activity: I think you have two good reasons! Although, I think you row with both arms all the time. What do you think? I wouldn't want to be in a Waka Ama race either because I'm not very good at swimming and would be afraid of falling in the sea!

    I look forward to reading more of your blog.

  2. great work grace that is much better than mine.


Thank-you for your positive, thoughtful, helpful comment.